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LLADRO Pottery

Posted at Januari 3rd, 2011 | Categorised in Ceramic Directories

In the mid-1950’s in Almacera near the city of Valencia, on Spain’s Eastern Mediterranean coast, a small family workshop was born-Lladro pottery and figurines. Three brothers Juan, Jos and Vicente decided to dedicate their free time to making ceramics as a means of improving their prospects for the future.

As a first step, brothers Juan, Jos and Vicente enrolled in the Valencia School of Arts and Crafts. They studied drawing and painting, while the youngest brother, Vicente, took up sculpture. To put their new knowledge into practice, they built a Moorish-style kiln in the patio of their parents’ home. They began manufacturing and selling their first Lladro pottery on the local market. Meanwhile, they had started to design and produce their own collectible figurines in porcelain.

Later they moved to an Almacera, Lladro pottery markets its creations in over one hundred countries around the world. It’s a good thing that with the artistic skills and talent of the Lladro brothers, they have created a masterpieces through the Lladro porcelain figurines and pottery.
The brothers created their own formula for porcelain paste and refined their manufacturing techniques on all fronts: pigments, molds, varnishes, and firing times, resulting in pieces that not only incorporate great beauty, but emphasize quality of the highest kind. One of the reasons why the Lladro pottery is considered costly, hence the luxury.

Many themes can be turned into a new figurine. With their special feel for art, the Lladro family inspires their sculptors and collaborators to transform thier stripped idea into a fine work of art with the use of porcelain.

Lladro first started creating items such as vases and jugs and later moved on to producing sculptures in 1956. It was because of this move that they became most famous for their porcelain figurines. Enthusiasm for the items produced by the Lladro brothers saw their small workshop expand several times until eventually they moved to Tavernes Blanques in 1958.

Now, Lladro is far from the family workshop that started in the family home’s patio. The fame of Lladro pottery and figurines has reached both ends of the world and will continue to be a huge part of collector’s porcelain pottery and figurines.

Do you want to know more about Lladro Porcelains? either for your collection or as part of your home? You can visit http://www.collectorfigures.com and see the vast array of porcelain figurines in their collection vault.

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