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Gmundner Keramik

Posted at September 9th, 2010 | Categorised in Ceramic Directories, Website

Gmundner Keramik
Each piece of the Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur is lovingly produced by hand and finished with care, as it was 300 years ago.
Therefore, each piece of Gmundner Keramik is a unique example of the highest standard of ceramic art which is demanded nowadays.
Before it reaches the customer, each piece is handled about 60 times. 90% of the production is handwork.

Every plate, every bowl, every cup is a unique specimen as, even though the number and position of the individual dots and stripes of the brush are determined, the details of the pattern change slightly when the piece is fired, so the final product can never be exactly like another.

The manufacture follows a well tried recipe.

The technique has been the same for hundreds of years. However, it has been carefully improved without detriment to the product.

Visit his website here http://www.gmundner-keramik.at/site_en/index.php

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