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Body Calculations

Body Calculations

Body Mixing
In the manufacture of all ceramic products the requisite quantities of components (flint, stone, ball clay, china clay, bone, etc.), are measured in terms of weight or volume then subjected to a mixing process.
For most ceramic bodies, the actual mixing takes place in slips form, which ensures an intimate blending of the constituents and hence a uniform product. The original quantity of each component may, however, be measured out in the dry state or in slip form.

“Dry” Measurement

The component powder materials are simply weighed out then transferred to the mixing ark-due allowance being made for any moisture content
An older technique, sometimes used in the manufacture of bone
china, is to fill and level-off a “standard box” with the dry powder component. A specified number of boxes of each material is then used in the body mix. This of course, is an attempt to measure the dry materials on a volume basis. It suffers from errors due to inconsistent packing, and variable moisture contents of the raw materials.

“Wet” Measurement

The most widely used method, in British practice, is to obtain a stock of each Continue reading

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