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Water Transfer

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Water transfer is a new technology which can transfer the image on the products by water. Tradition silk-screen and transfer technology cannot transfer the image to any kind of shape or material like smooth surface, ceramic, plastic?ect. But water transfer can do this. It can transfer the image to any material and the color of the finished products very vivid.
Not need any bulk equipment, only one set water transfer cartridges add water transfer paper.

water transfer
1,No need any bulk equipment or professional operation
2,Apply to many fields, Such as plastic ABS,PC,PP,PVC,PU; Alloy,glass,ceramic,wooden?ect
3,Vivid color and high resolution photo quality
4, Can be transferred on different shapes including flat or curved surface.
5,The ink Through EN-71 international standard test, safety and innocuity
6, The finished image not need spray special material, however through profession hundred standard tests. Reduced the production cost for the customer
Apply to below fields:
1, Toy and High-quality goods, such as, Simulation vehicle, Toy vehicle, gift and handicraft.
2, Electronic products, such as, cell phone, clock and domestic electric appliances and so on.
3, Sport thing, such as, Bicycle, skate, ball rod and so on
4,Daily goods, such as Glasses, glasses box, pen, insert the pen container, calendar frame, artistic frame, racket, and so on
5, Personal goods, such as flower paste, personal ceramic paste, crystal craftwork, tattoo paste and so on.
6, Open a shop near by the university, high school and elementary schools or in the school
7, Open a shop on the large-scale market, the supermarket, the motor station and so on
8, Open a shop in commercial area.
9, Open a shop nearby the traveling scenic area.
1,Input the image on the computer
2,Design the image, and the image must more than 300dpi
3,Printing the image by Epson printer
4, Clean up he object?s surface with alcohol.
5,Submerge the transfer paper into water for 5-10seconds.When the basic paper and film begin to separate, move our from water
6,Align to the right position, fix the image from edge and draw out the basic paper from the bottom gently, and let the film stick on the object completely
7,Use cotton cloth to wipe surface according to shape in order to expel water and air from the film
8,Use oven bake it.Temperature:60-80°C,time:3-4minutes Or use hairdryer blow about 15minutes

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