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recycled gypsum (daur ulang gypsum)

Posted at Desember 13th, 2009 | Categorised in Cetakan Keramik, Mineral

gypsum recycling is mostly done, among others, to make statues, dolls, vases of flowers, and chalk. But how? for the recycling business, when I was working in the factory plate, no one wasted. gypsum to make another mold, broken biscuits for a mixture of raw materials, kapsel (container where the plate) milled again for making kapsel materials. broken plate to mix raw materials. power is not like before.

So I add a mixture of pure 1:1. Gypsum mold first broken into small pieces using jaw crusher and then milled again using hummer mill, to create a more refined grains, then filtered. Prepare a big aluminum pan, enter the gypsum powder which was filtered, cook with fire enough, recommended using a wide range head. Toss and roll on, first it was heavy, but when it’s slow enough to be light. After a fairly mild, just be lifted. cooled to be used. I do not measure how many degrees at the time to mature. To make gypsum from the raw materials I’ve never tried. I read in the literature contains gypsum hydrated calcium sulfate (CaSO4.2H2O), the more content the better   (like gypsum Paris). CaSO4.2H2O containing among others: Selenite, Alabaster, Satin Spar which is the staple manufacture Gypsum. Raw materials are all transparent like crystal. Maybe you’ve heard from Marble Alabaster craft? How do I manage it? do not ask about it because I have never made. Anyone?

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